Shipping Information

Order Lead Times

If all the parts on your order are in stock at our store, we will ship your order within one business day.  If we must special order one or more of the parts on your order, your order will usually ship in about 5 business days.  This lead time is necessary to acquire your parts from the manufacturer.  Please note that these lead times indicate time until shipment from our facility, not time until delivery.  After shipment, packages will follow the package transit times schedule listed in this section.  Also, please note that we do not ship packages on weekends or on major holidays.  The estimated lead times are counting regular business days only.

Shipping Method

Small items (<1 lb) are typically shipped by United States Postal Service First Class Mail.  Medium sized orders (from 1to 10 lbs) are typically shipped by United States Postal Service Priority Mail.  Large orders (>10 lbs) are typically shipped by UPS.

Package Transit Times

Once your order is shipped your package will follow this transit time schedule.  Your delivery timeframe will depend on your location and which shipping carrier and service you requested when your order was placed.  This transit schedule is an estimate only, except where otherwise noted.

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International Shipping

We ship to the United States, US territories, and Canada only.  We are unable to make exceptions to this policy and we apologize for any inconvenience. 


Changing or Canceling Existing Orders

Changing Existing Orders

Because many of our orders involve special ordering parts from the manufacturer, many orders have a window of time when the order can be modified before shipment.  While your order is waiting for items to arrive, you can add or delete as many items as you choose.  We do not charge a fee for modifying an order.  If you add parts to the order we will charge your credit card for the price of the added parts, and depending on the weight of the added items, additional shipping charges if necessary.  If you delete items from your order before shipment, we will refund the price of the deleted parts back to your credit card.  Once an order has shipped we cannot modify the order.  When an order is shipped, any returns or exchanges are handled according to our return policy.  Please call us if you wish to make changes to your order.

If you have ordered in-stock item(s) your order will ship within one business day.  Changes can be made to these orders as well, but the changes need to be made quickly before the order ships.  If you do need to modify your order, it's fastest to call us.

Canceling Orders

If you place an order and later decide to cancel it, you are free to do so as long as the order has not shipped.  Canceled orders are refunded in full regardless of what you ordered.  The money will be returned to your credit card.  We recommend that you call us during business hours to cancel your order, but if you prefer you can email us to cancel as well.  We are unable to cancel or recall shipped orders, so if you want to return a shipped order it will be handled according to our return policy.