Search for your part by Part Number (xx-xx-xxxx)

Search for your part by Part Number (xx-xx-xxxx)

Right Angle Drills are made up of a D-Handle Drill and a Right Angle Drive.  

Below are the parts diagrams for the right angle drives.  

If you need parts for the D-Handle drill portion, click here.

Open a Parts Diagram to Find a Part Number 
Look up your tool by Catalog (Cat) # on the tool nameplate. There are two serial number formats:
1.  Three numbers and a letter (653A).  Click on the corresponding red link. 
2. Three numbers and a string of numbers (653-10245).   Each parts diagram covers one product revision starting with the listed serial number and continuing through higher serial numbers until the next listed revision.  Click on the red link for the serial number that is closest to yours but still smaller.  Examples

Tool Description Catalog (Cat) # Serial# Parts Diagram Wiring Diagram
right angle drive 2870 54-36-0511.pdf
right angle drive 2870 39-1001 54-36-0510.pdf
right angle drive 2870-1 54-36-0600.pdf
right angle drive 2890 96-1001 54-36-0100.pdf
33 degree angle drive extension 48-06-2860 54-36-0200.pdf
right angle drive unit (for reversing drills) 48-06-2870 54-36-0512.pdf
right angle drive unit (for reversing drills) 48-06-2871 54-36-0601.pdf

right angle drive unit (for reversing drills) - Most Common

48-06-2871 54-36-0602.pdf
right angle drive 48-06-2890 54-36-0101.pdf
30" angle drive extension 48-95-0400 54-18-0080.pdf
right angle drive RAD-2 39-1001 54-36-0510.pdf
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