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1 in. Compact SDS Rotary Hammer with Anti-Vibration System  (SKU: 5363-21)1 in. Compact SDS Rotary Hammer with Anti-Vibration System (SKU: 5363-21)For contractors and tradesmen that repetitively drill into concrete, the 5363-21 delivers unmatched performance and ergonomics. The unique Anti-Vibration System (AVS) significantly reduces vibration. The compact L-shape design makes it well balanced, easy to control and ideal for overhead drilling and anywhere that requires access to tight spaces. Delivering 2.0 ft-lbs of impact energy and up to 5,980 blows per minute, the 5363-21 provides fast drilling and powerful chipping for increased jobsite productivity. This compact rotary hammer also features a high power, 7.0 amp motor and a rotating brush plate which provides equal power in forward and reverse for easy removal of jammed bits and extended brush life. The all metal, magnesium gear case and block construction provide precise bearing and gear seating for long-term durability. With three modes of operation (hammer-drill, drill only, and chipping) this hammer provides maximum versatility in a compact package. Includes Depth Gauge, Side Handle, Carrying Case.
1-1/8 in. SDS Drive L-Shape Rotary Hammer  (SKU: 5359-21)1-1/8 in. SDS Drive L-Shape Rotary Hammer (SKU: 5359-21)This 3-mode, grounded hammer is great for mid-size hole drilling (up to 1-1/8 in. diameter) in concrete. The D-style rear handle offers the operator a secure comfortable grip and a two-finger speed control trigger switch. Speed control allows smooth controlled starts and less bit walk for accurate hole positioning. The hammer accepts SDS style bits up to 1-1/8 in. diameter. It can drill up to 3-1/2 in. holes in concrete using thin wall Core Bits. A hammer-only mode allows this tool to be used for light chipping work. A slip clutch stops rotary action when a bit jams protecting the mechanism from overload. The tool can be set for a rotation-only mode for drilling in steel or wood. A 3-jaw chuck adapter kit 48-66-1370 is available. Includes Depth Gauge, Side Handle.
3/4 in. Capacity SDS Drive Pistol Grip Rotary Hammer  (SKU: 5383-21)3/4 in. Capacity SDS Drive Pistol Grip Rotary Hammer (SKU: 5383-21)For small hole drilling (up to 3/4 inch diameter), this pistol grip Rotary Hammer fits the bill. Weighing in at 5.7 pounds, it's also great for overhead drilling. This hammer was ergonomically designed to maximize user comfort in gripping and balancing the tool. A side handle provides effective control while the depth rod allows the operator to drill a hole or a series of holes to a specific repeatable depth. Includes Depth Gauge, Side Handle.
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