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14 in. Hand Held Cut-Off Machine  (SKU: 6185-20)14 in. Hand Held Cut-Off Machine (SKU: 6185-20)"The Milwaukee 6185-20 hand-held cut-off machine features a powerful 15 amp/4.8 max horsepower, 4,600 rpm Milwaukee-built motor making it ideal for heavy-duty concrete and metal cutting applications. Equipped with a durable 20 amp overload protection switch, the tool is protected from overload and premature failure in extreme cutting applications. Rather than trip a remote panel breaker, the overload protection switch trips the tool which can be reset after 60 seconds minimizing down-time. For added durability, the tool features a durable, epoxy coated armature and field and externally accessible brushes with a special ""brush cut-out"" feature which protects the armature as the brushes wear down. The tool provides a full 4-7/16 in. cut-depth and downward cutting rotation found on most gas-powered cut-off/demolition saws. The downward cutting rotation pulls the tool through the work and reduces the chance of jamming and/or kickback unlike upward rotating tools and keeps the operator's line of sight clear of dust, debris and sparks. For enhanced comfort and control, the 6185-20 features an optimal-angle main grip, an oversized non-slip wrap-around side handle, and comfortable 2-finger 1-step trigger switch which requires minimal pressure to engage and hold the tool. The tool also features an oversized, durable steel shoe assembly which provides greater stability during operation. For added operator convenience, the 6185-20 features a 1-tool blade and guard change system. One 5/16 in. allen wrench, included as standard equipment with the 6185-20, is all that is needed unlike multiple wrench systems on competitor products. Coupled with an easy-to-use spindle lock and large footplate wing nuts, blade, cut-depth and guard angle adjustments are fast and accurate. Includes Allen Wrench, Top Flange, Back Flange, Two Flange Nuts."
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