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Dust Collection Kit (SKU: 49-22-8105)Dust Collection Kit (SKU: 49-22-8105)This self-contained Dust Collection Kit collects dust and debris when using Milwaukee's 6480-20 Panel Saw. The kit consists of blade guard, dust tube, vinyl hose and roller assembly. Vacuum is not included.
Extension Kit (SKU: 49-22-8108)Extension Kit (SKU: 49-22-8108)The 49-22-8108 Extension Kit is used with Milwaukee's 6480-20 Panel Saw and is recommended whenever material over 6 ft. in length will be cut frequently. The kit extends the roller material carriage 18 inches on each end making the overall roller material carriage 8 ft. in length.
Mid-Way Fence Kit (SKU: 49-22-8110)Mid-Way Fence Kit (SKU: 49-22-8110)This Mid-Way Fence Kit allows users to cut small panels waist high on the Milwaukee 6480-20 Panel Saw frame. The system includes both right and left hand sides, 30 in. rulers, a manual stop block and quick change wood fences.
Wheel Kit (SKU: 49-22-8106)Wheel Kit (SKU: 49-22-8106)This Wheel Kit consists of two wheels and allows the Milwaukee Panel Saw 6480-20 to be wheeled from one location to another.
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